Below you will find a brief description of the process from start to finish for your project


  1. Contact - Please contact us via phone or mail to set a meeting time to discuss the project that suits your schedule
  2. Home visit - Inspection and discussion of the project including desired materials
  3. ROT-rebate - Discussion regarding the possibility to receive tax rebate
  4. Consumption of materials - Analysis of required materials that will be necessary for the project and price quote
  5. Price quote - A price quote will include the quantity of work, materials and potential tax reductions as well as other diverse costs that will accompany the project
  6. Written contract - A written contract to start work as detailed in the price quote is required before work can begin, please note any additional work outside of the agreed upon work will have to be counted separately.
  7. Purchase of required materials - Acquisition of materials
  8. Work - Work begins
  9. Payment - Upon inspection and approval of completed work, a bill will be sent out. If ROT is approved, that amount will automatically be deducted from your bill.
  10. ROT-rebate - It is the responsibility of the company Renaissance Man to apply for your preliminary rot/rut reduction and request payment from Skatteverket. Your final tax reduction is determined in relation to your yearly income declaration.

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