Greetings and welcome to Renaissance Man


Let me begin by introducing myself and the company that we have started. Being born a swedish citizen has entitled me the freedom to move around the world without many obstructions. As a child, my family had moved to Canada where I spent the majority of my youth.


Despite having moved around a fair bit, I landed back in Sweden in my early adulthood where i continued my studies. I have spent nearly a decade studying at the university level both in Malmö and Lund within the faculty of political science. Yet in all that time, I have always felt that I was not entirely suited for the world of academia, or to be behind a desk in an office. I have always preferred to be out, active and engaged working with my hands on practical issues. This has been the primary motivating factor for me to start my own company. However, in order to achieve his goal, I was aware that I would again need further education within the field.


Once I became awake of the endless possibilities to reinvent oneself here in Sweden, I applied to an intensive year long adult education program in Lund, where I completed my masonry and tiling education. Upon completion I was offered a internship at an established company to get more experience and skills. Through this process I realized that I would rather work on a smaller, more personal scale within a framework more suited to my own ideology. Hence, we decided to start our own company where we could do just that in 2012.


To better improve the quality of the work that we can provide, I am to continued to educate myself in bransch specific certifications and courses. Most recently I have completed what is called "Våtrums utbildning" via Bygg Keramik Rådet (BKR), the institution responsible for verifying approved building practices for tiling in bathrooms and kitchens.


To summarize, we are a newly started family company that primarily focuses on renovation and reparation with an inclination for sustainable materials that have a minimized impact on the environment. With that in mind, we are also aware that It is unavoidable to prevent the consumption of new materials within the building industry, however, it is entirely feasible to manage the negative side affects by choosing environmentally responsible suppliers and products.


Our mission is to provide affordable, reliable and responsible building solutions that will stand the test of time

It is because details matter, and when they do, there is Renaissance Man

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